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My Favorite Husband

My Favorite Husband was a domestic situation comedy series broadcast from 1948 to 1951 on CBS. Lucille Ball starred with Richard Denning in this radio comedy before her role in I Love Lucy. In fact, I Love Lucy owed its legacy to My Favorite Husband by reworking the latter's concept and even many of its scripts. Ball and Denning played Liz and George Cooper, "two people who live together and like it." Also featured in the show was the banker Gale Gordon, who was the overbearing boss, Mr. Rudolph Atterbury. He's also known to OTR fans as principal Conklin in Our Miss Brooks. Bea Benaderet starred as Iris, Rudolph's wife and Liz's best friend. Ruth Perrott portrayed the Coppers' maid Katie. The show enjoyed its immense success and popularity through its superb depiction of the battles between the sexes.

Based on the popular novel "Mr. and Mrs. Cugat" by Isabel Scott Rorick, the show deals with stereotypical male and female behaviors. Lucille Ball excellently portrays Liz as a funny, oddball, and very lovable wife while Richard Denning plays George as a strait-laced yet loving husband.

Although formulaic, the plots are never short of the comical drama between sexes that will make the listener laugh till the cows come home. Indeed, filled with lots of humor and endearing caricatures of men and women in their unions, this comedy is many OTR fans' favorite and still is as refreshing and resonating today as in the 50s.

There are 100 shows in our collection! Date Aired
First Show - Meet George and Liz August 06, 1948
Liz's New Dress December 18, 1948
Be Your Husband's Best Friend December 4, 1948
Young Matron League Tryouts October 2, 1948
Charity Bazaar Kissing Booth August 13, 1948
Numerology December 25, 1948
Katy and Roscoe November 6, 1948
10th Wedding Anniversary - Audition July 5, 1948
First Show - Meet George & Liz July 23, 1948
Is There a Baby in the House? November 27, 1948
George Attends a Teenage Dance November 20, 1948
Learning to Drive November 13, 1948
Knitting Baby Booties September 24, 1948
Liz Teaches the Samba August 20, 1948
Making Friends with General Timberlake September 17, 1948
Liz's Mother's Has Second Thoughts September 3, 1948
Liz Goes on a Schedule April 22, 1949
Getting Old May 20, 1949
Liz's Operation in the Hospital May 27, 1949
Gum Machine April 8, 1949
Charity Review March 11, 1949
George's Mother Visits March 4, 1949
Katy the Maid and Mr. Negley November 18, 1949
Liz and George Reminisce July 1, 1949
The Law Suit June 17, 1949

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